Thursday, November 5, 2015

Detect Deter Report

It was 4 am and Security Guard (SG) Keith was making his rounds, when he encountered an open door leading to the employee parking lot. Upon further inspection he noticed that the door had been propped open using a folded piece of cardboard. So he immediately took photographic evidence of the open door and then stepped outside to survey the parking lot to see if he could view anyone loitering or within view. After not seeing anyone, he stepped back in through the open door and removed the cardboard. SG Keith then radioed in to the command post what he had discovered prompting all on-duty guards of the situation and thereby a sense of heightened vigilance. Finally, after completing his rounds he filed an Incident Report so that further action would be taken to address the event.

Does this sound like a plausible event? Did Security Guard Keith fulfil his duties? Were the actions of SG Keith able to achieve the Securitas mission? In the field of security a guard must be keenly aware of the important functions tied to their position. At the heart of it, and the reason private security was even established, lies a three prong role of the security guard - Detecting, Deterring, and Reporting. It is these tasks, which are also at the core of a Securitas guard's position, and which our clients are expecting from us in the course of a day's work. On the face of it this seems like a pretty straight forward concept, but one must understand all the interrelated assignments that are associated with these functions. To fully comprehend this let's examine each of the three major roles one by one.

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